The Allen Clinic is dedicated to preventing, diagnosing and treating diseases that affect you and your family. We provide comprehensive primary care services and are equipped to treat routine conditions such as a cold or the flu, as well as provide in-depth care for illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease.

Our doctors and nurses are board certified in family medicine and offer a wide spectrum of diagnostic studies, such as EKG and Pulmonary Function Testing. We are committed to providing you access to qualified specialists and coordinating your care..

  • Physical examinations
  • Care for acute illnesses and minor injuries
  • Laceration repair
  • Treatment for burns
  • Evaluations for sprains or broken bones
  • X-Ray
  • Laboratory procedures
  • Immunizations for influenza, pneumonia, tetanus, and travel
  • Annual Pap and contraceptive care
  • Colon screening and colonoscopy
  • PSA laboratory testing (prostate cancer screening)